Yamaha Warrior

                       XV 1700

One of  the best looking bikes in the world  - COOL FOREVER

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The Yamaha Warrior XV 1700 is one of the best looking motorbikes in the world. Many have said that they are even better and more reliable than a Harley Davidson. The Fat Bob below is a close comparison in looks but in financial terms is much  more expensive.


Finding a Yamaha Warrior for sale in the UK is not so easy as they were never sold here from new and the few that are in the UK are imported. Mine is now for sale as moving abroad.


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The Yamaha Warrior XV 1700 - what a stunning machine and how do you find one in the UK where they were never released and the only ones you can get hold of are imported from the USA or some other country but mainly they come in from the States. I have had a Dragstar 1100, Honda VTX 1800 and then I came across an ad for a XV1700 warrior that some guy (who was not even a motorcyclist) was listing that had only done 4500 miles in London. The story behind it was, this guy buys and sells things at auction houses and he bought this warrior, previously owned by a "financial trader" who imported it from new. It was immaculate and had a factory finish metallic grey paint with a warrior design on the tank. Vance and Hines exhaust had been fitted and when I started it up in this warehouse it sounded like world war 3 had started... !!!


It was beautiful so I bought it immediately for the full asking price of £5500 and rode it home one freezing cold Dec  morning from London to my home in Luton, Bedfordshire. No gloves and just an old crash helmet the guy had in his warehouse and a flimsy jacket.... I was only going to look at the bike and not buy but when I saw it.... I just had to have it before someone else came to see it that very afternoon.  The whole look of the bike was something else and very sleek and modern...  Comparing it to my Yamaha dragstar, it was more sporty looking and the dragstar was a more sit back and cruise type of bike with large foot stands. This bike was a totally different animal completely and handled so easily.


As for the looks from anyone at the traffic lights while I was waiting for the green ... they were amazed and just stood and stared, at the lights with other motorcyclists next to me a look of fear and awe was on their faces and some even accelerated away like they were on a racetrack thinking they could beat the ZV1700 warrior in a race. However, I am not into road races and just love and ride the bike  normally yet have to admit to opening it up on a clear motorway or country road. The power and handling of this incredible machine is awesome and if ever you get the chance... have a test ride and see for yourself.


Unfortunately, back in 2003 when I owned my first Warrior 1700, I had bought it on a credit card and over the course of a year, the credit it card balance was not going down so reluctantly I had to sell the bike to clear my debts. I sold it for £5995 and even made a profit because I found that this bike was in far more demand than supply. Since then, I had always said to myself that I would buy one again as soon as I had the funds and a short while ago I did. If fact I decided to start a business and this website to focus on Yamaha XV1700 Roadstar Warriors and have made some connections for importing them as well.  The amazing Yamaha Warrior XV 1700 is a real experience to ride.

For Sale by Owner - Was £7500 - Now only £5995